The Huttlinger Alliance for Education is a 501(c)6 non-profit, volunteer-run organization based in Los Altos, California. 

The Alliance supports innovation and excellence in public education with advisory services, strategic funding, and political advocacy for communities that provide superior public education. 

It was established to fill gaps where existing entities do not meet community needs.

2014 Election Update

Oct. 3, 2014 - Huttlinger Alliance for Education endorses Logan, Ivanovic and Peruri for LASD Board of Trustees. 

The Huttlinger Alliance for Education endorses the re-election of Tamara Logan and the election of Vladamir Ivanovic and Sangeeth Peruri to the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees. The Alliance encourages its supporters and the entire LASD community to cast votes for Logan, Ivanovic and Peruri on November 4th.

Members of the Alliance leadership have analyzed the candidates’ views on public education as expressed in the public record. Based on its deep familiarity with the issues facing the district, the Alliance has determined that Logan, Ivanovic and Peruri very clearly have the best backgrounds to support and lead our successful district into the future.

Alliance leaders view the choice facing voters in the upcoming November election in stark terms: three candidates who have actively supported the educational mission of LASD and two candidates who have dedicated their efforts to opposing and undermining LASD.  

Actions speak louder than words.  The Alliance encourages voters to look beyond campaign slogans to discover where each candidate has invested time and energy over the past few years, especially on key issues the LASD community has faced.

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